Caddie Information

Register your Caddie in two easy steps

  1. Click on this link to Register your Caddie
  2. Download the Caddie Agreement Form and return the form via email to or via fax at 888-455-1899

LOOPER On-Demand Caddie Services

Caddie services are available and permitted at the Championship Finals level of competition. LOOPER is a new service launched in Northern Virginia (expanding nationally next year) and is basically UBER for caddies. Services can be arranged directly with Looper (Caddies on Demand) by:

Three Levels of Caddies
Price Points
(per round) 
Jr-Looper $26

Commensurate with
level of service

Looper $40-$45
Pro-Looper $75 base rate

Book a Looper:

  1. Download the LOOPER app on iTunes (App Store) or Google Play.
    • Set up a quick account.
  2. Tap on "Book Looper" then select "Virginia" and select "EWGA Championship (Lansdowne)"
  3. Select your level of desired Looper.
  4. Wait to be notified via push notification (phone notification) and email when a LOOPER picks up your Loop. Your LOOPER will meet you at the course 30 mins prior to your tee time.
  5. After your round, tip and rate your LOOPER based on your experience using LOOPER's 5 Star Rating System.

Booking any LOOPER will result in a donation to the EWGA!

For more information please visit the Looper - Caddies on Demand website or read the Looper overview document.

EWGA Competitors are permitted to provide their own caddies as well. Caddies are permitted to sign up for Guest Play Opportunities. The Potomac is a guest play opportunity with a schedule that allows for golf enjoyment as well as caddie responsibilities.

Caddie Meeting

Caddies should plan to attend the Caddie Meeting on Thursday, Oct. 13th. The meeting will be held from 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM in the Pavilion at Lansdowne Resort.

Player Rules Meeting

Caddies should plan to attend the mandatory Player Rules Meeting on Thursday, Oct. 13th. The meeting will also be held in the Pavilion from 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM.

Caddies Tips

Before Play

  • Arrive at the golf course well in advance of starting time.
  • Advise player(s) if bag(s) contain more than 14 clubs.
  • Take note of assortment and make of clubs.
  • Advise player if club(s) seem to be missing.
  • Observe brand and numbering of balls in play.
  • Include towel, wetting one end, for use in cleaning balls and club-heads.
  • Bring umbrella and extra towel when necessary.

During Play

  • Follow the flight and roll of all balls as long as possible.
  • Mark off-line shots by placing a towel, hat or golf bag near ball.
  • Determine approach-shot yardage as players walk to balls.
  • Arrive promptly at player's ball before the player.
  • Retrieve and replace divots — without bag(s) on shoulder.
  • Rake bunkers evenly and completely, exiting at the low end.
  • Wipe clubs clean (with wet towel) after each shot.
  • Keep golf bag in tow until player reaches green.
  • Hand player putter as soon as ball is on green.
  • Bring damp towel to putting green to clean player's ball.
  • Be prepared to attend flagstick if requested.
  • Remove and replace flagstick gently.
  • Do not touch any player’s ball in play without that player’s authority.
  • Share bunker raking duties so that flagstick is promptly attended.

After Play

  • Check bag(s) for proper number and model of clubs.
  • Clean clubs — including grooves.
  • Place or store clubs where player wishes.


  • Offer input to player such as club choice or line of putt only when asked.
  • In general, speak only when spoken to.
  • Stand still and hold clubs still while players play their shots.
  • Stay clear of player's line of sight.
  • Stand and place the bag to the ball side of the player — not directly in front of or behind her.


  • If indicating line of putt, do not touch the putting green with a club, foot, flagstick, finger, etc. (Rule 8-2b)
  • Do not improve a player's lie, area of intended stance, swing or line of play by holding, removing, pressing down or bending branches, boundary markers, sand, soil, replaced divots or immovable obstructions. (Rule 13-2)
  • Do not rake any area in the bunker where the player’s ball lies until after the player makes the stroke. (Rule 13-4/Exception 2)
  • Avoid accidentally or purposely stopping or deflecting your player's ball in motion. Do not let your player's ball hit you or the equipment while in motion. (Rules 1-2,19-2)
  • While your player is making a stroke, do not lend physical assistance or provide protection from the elements (e.g. wind, rain, sun). (Rule 14-2)

This is not an exhaustive list of the Rules applicable to caddies but merely the ones most likely to be observed. A caddie is required to be familiar with all applicable rules, including those stipulated by the Committee in charge of the event.