Practice Yardage Sheet

The Player Practice Yardage Sheets are provided as a courtesy to our competitors and are subject to change once the EWGA Tournament Operations (TOPS) Committee arrives onsite to officially set up the golf course. The TOPS committee members are responsible for course setup and typically arrive at a facility on Wednesday or Thursday of tournament week. After golf course setup is complete, copies of the Player's Practice Yardage Sheet are made available to all competitors in the Golf Shop by 7:00 AM on the official practice day, typically Friday morning or in the case of the Championship Finals - Thursday by 7:00 AM.



Practice yardage information is subject to change and only provided as a player courtesy.

Outlined below is the criteria or setup guidelines for the EWGA Championship events. The competition must be held on a regulation 18-hole golf course and be of sufficient caliber to provide a challenge for the low handicap participants and also be playable for the high handicap participants. The course specifications are required to fall within the following parameters:

Flight Yardage Slope
Championship & Scramble
players with indexes of
12.0 or less
5400 - 5700 120 - 130
1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th &
Scramble team players
with indexes of 12.1 or
4800 - 5300 115 - 125